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Big bed finished and installed

Big bed under construction, mattress will be over 2ft from the floor.
We can build your own personal bed any size and configuration to suit.

A set of three oal companion tables two with drawers, custom built for customer.

we aslo make beds for furry friends any size cat to Irish Wolf Hound .
Huge oak family dining table and chairs to customers requirements

The beautiful oak chairs - too nice to put covers on .

Heavy duty prep or kitchen island tables, I've made quite a few of these over
the years. Any size or configuration just ask

Solid Oak island table with a lip on rear half to stop runaway tomatos ;)

Bookcase in raw reclaimed timber just a coat of Danish oil, We can build
then in any size or configuration & wax finish toyour choice.

This is the same reclaimed timber as the bookcase but finished with fiddes wax.
We can build any size table from little side table, coffee table to farmhouse kitchen.
I have a stack of 5x4 beams which make great legs & loads of 9" x 2" planks for tops.